During my first two years at university (2014-2016), I held positions at the Bournemouth Rock newspaper. In first year I was the News Editor, before moving on to be the Editor-in-Chief in my second year.

As News Editor, I was in charge of sourcing content for the news section of each paper, as well as subbing articles and designing the pages themselves. This was a lot of work but enhanced my news writing, interview and design skills.

In my second year, the increased responsibility was something  I looked forward to taking on. I enjoyed the challenge of managing all sections of the paper and the website, and feel as though the paper  only grew. We pushed ourselves to create a more interesting and engaging design through the use of infographics and pictures. It was challenging to manage a bigger group of people and ensure that each section had enough interesting original content, but the strength of the team only increased throughout the year.

To view the paper, visit our Issuu here.